Thursday, March 27, 2008

Conscious Talk Radio: WSO

May 22nd @ 7:30 am

WSO will appear on Conscious Talk, one of this country’s most informative and compelling alternative talk radio programs – pioneering a shift in consciousness – empowering individuals to become conscious consumers and a positive force in their own lives through subjects and interviews in areas as diverse as politics, money and alternative health. It’s "radio that makes a difference".

Sunday, March 16, 2008

How am I going to get THERE?

Recently there was a warm weekend in Ohio and we took the opportunity to go to the Red River Gorge for a hike. Shortly after we set out, my hiking partner pointed out the destination - Double Arch. (Shown in the picture.) Although I kept my thoughts to myself, I clearly could not imagine how we were going to get all the way across the valley and climb back up to our destination.

As you can imagine, the initial hike was down hill and very easy, but the nagging question of how I was ever going to get to where I wanted to be created hesitation. Every step down committed me to another step up. This clearly reminded me of my journey through healing. I remember meeting some wonderful people who had also been abuse and were wonderfully happy and healthy. They had a great attitude toward life. They were realistic about their past and had a clear vision for their future. That became my destination. I wanted to be like them - Survivors! Thrivors!

Once I had declared my goal, I set out on the path. The first few steps were fairly easy, but as I moved forward into the valley of my memories, I realized I had started a journey that was going to take a lot of effort to complete. Like my recent hike, once you hike half way down the path, into the valley, you have no choice but to keep going, back up. You simply cannot just stop in the valley and not go any further.

The other parallel I noticed on my hike is that for most of the journey I could not see my desired destination. When I was at the lowest part of my hike, I would look up and not be able to see where I was going. There were so many trees in the way. Then on the hike up - straight up - I knew I was getting closer, but had no idea how the path I was on was going to get me to my destination. It just didn't make since. Perhaps the amount of effort was clouding my vision, but all I knew is that I was working really hard and had no idea when I was going to get there or if I would be able to appreciate it when I did.

Well, I made it and it was GREAT. Double Arch, and Survivorship, is such an incredible place to experience and the view (perspective) was so different from any other I had seen. Although I had been here many times, I saw new and beautiful vistas. It is such a great place to be and so worth the hike.

Please get on the path, take the hike, don't stop, work your butt off and get to the summit. Surviving and Thriving is worth the journey. Trust me.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Horses and Healing

An interesting idea put to work: Horse Whispering Violence Prevention Fund

WSO was contacted by
Bob Allen is the Founder, President, of HWVPF and wanted to share their program with you. The purpose of Horse Whispering Experiential Horse Camps is to cultivate the positive influences horses have on children through violence prevention education. We provide, promote, educate, and create opportunities for the individuals and groups to learn from horses in a safe non-competitive environment.

For more information, visit:

Thanks for getting in touch with us Bob and thanks for all that you do!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Call To Action

In the past few weeks, we have received quite a few emails from people sharing their comments and suggestions as to how to gain more attention to WSO as an organization and the issues and community that is represented in what we do. 
We believe that everything happens for a reason and that we have an opportunity now to further our reach within our respective communities by focusing on what we CAN do right now, to promote WSO and create a positive effect in our own lives, as survivors and the lives of those around us as advocates, professionals, loved ones and active citizens. 

As survivors, we are severely underrepresented
The statistics that exist far underestimate the amount of abuse that takes place on a daily basis and are based solely on those who are able to come forward and report their abuse. But what of those who are unable to come forward, for whatever reason, aren't added to the equation. We all know someone who has been a victim of violence. It's indisputable, infuriating and on-going. 

In an effort to bring more attention to the issue of rape, sexual assault and gender violence, we believe we must be on the doorsteps of those who will listen; to speak to a larger community with the focus of not only educating but providing solutions to the problem. That means, getting on the radio shows, in the magazines, on the news, speaking at colleges, universities and high schools, holding events and reaching as many people as possible, on-going. We are here to do just that, but we can't do it alone.

So, we are presenting a CALL TO ACTION. We are asking that you, as a partner in our message, contact your local outlets and let them know about WSO. 

Forward them your message with a link so that they can hear the stories, see the true numbers and back that up, by inviting WSO into their community. We aren't asking for people to take on the world, we are asking people to take action and this starts with you....

Email your local talk-format radio and local newspapers and magazine today. 
Be the change. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

14 Americans arrested in child porn sting

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Fourteen Americans are in custody as part of a global crackdown on a well-organized child porn ring that used sophisticated encryption technology, the FBI and Justice Department announced Tuesday.

CNN dot com

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Melon

Chris and myself had an awesome time today at KUPS 90.1 FM Tacoma. Our host, Elliot was stellar and really made us feel comfortable, in studio.

The broadcast will play this coming Saturday, 12-2pm. We are scheduled for the second hour. For those listening in the Tacoma area, you can tune in. Otherwise, the show will be online on Sunday here:

In-studio, The Lemon

It's always great to acknowledge those who are doing their part in bringing anti-violence initiatives to the community. Feel free to email Elliot and Peter at

Spring Ren·ais·sance

Evergreen Jewels
Blossoming in Pink
Sheer Beauty

Spring comes to us for a purpose. We can choose to embrace her and propagate some serious growth. Ren·ais·sance, a renewal of life, vigor, interest, Ren·ais·sance, say it with me now!
One of the creative artsy modalities I use for healing is photography. I have taken pictures of abandoned buildings to demonstrate my feelings about abandonment, and to represent the horror of being raped in a motel. I take pictures-plethoras of pictures documenting my life, moods, my children's lives, my art, nature, our animals.

Ren·ais·sance originally means
the activity, spirit, or time of the great revival of art, literature, and learning in Europe beginning in the 14th century and extending to the 17th century, marking the transition from the medieval to the modern world.
Renaissance, lit. "rebirth," usually in a spiritual sense, from renaître "be born again". An earlier term for it was revival of learning. My drift is to take this word and it's meaning and make it malleable to your own spirit. What do you hope to create this spring? What garden will you cultivate? This means inside yourself, and outside in your outer world. We can always be born again! It is so true. The earth does it all the time. We are made of her, and we can do it to. Just set your intention to grow, and you be open to the newness of spring.
In the spirit of nouveau inspiration, of rebirth, of metamorphosis, let's take more pictures that we see meaning and feeling in. Keep a scrapbook of your pictures. Choose any theme you wish or none at all. Just intend to create visually a tangible way of seeing your inner world. I think to myself, "I feel -----". I then take a picture of something. Viola. You can give visual, give image to your inner world. The idea is to express what is inside of you, no matter what it is, and move it out of you in some kind of creative form. This is your art. This is how we can make our life an art. You are an artist in your own life.
My intention right now is to Breathe in spring, feel the energy of renewal, reawakening, rebirth, resurrection. Watch as the birds flit around gleefully, their long awaited reemergence into air. This is all healing, nature and art are elixirs for the soul. My porch is a sacred space. Out there I have beautiful copper wind chimes with colorful jewels that catch the sun's rays, the light flinging itself into my dining room daily. I have plants, a bonsai tree, sculptures, bird feeders, and soon a cozy rug. Deep orange gossamer curtains hang in front of the French doors leading to the porch. It is very important to create intentionally, space from which to exist. This is where we live, we can make it beautiful and sacred. We must make it so. Sometimes we can learn to care for ourselves inside by acting as if and demonstrating to ourselves how to do it outwardly, starting the home we occupy. I leaned some of my self care and self regard this way. I choose to occupy my lifespace a certain way, with sacred intention.

My entire home is a scared space actually. I have created this with my family over the last 8 years. Only things that engender a soul quickening get in my door! I do not allow clutter in my home. For me, life is always moving, therefore I am always polishing, tidying, letting the chi flow through my home, doing laundry with gratitude for the little bodies that wear the clothes. I am always going through things, so that clutter has no time to form. Clutter is a symbol of emotional cobwebs, and we have a choice about how we approach that. Our outer world can align with the inner world, and vice versa. What is within is reflected outside of us in our environment. Thus take pictures, and if you feel unsure of how you feel internally, pictures will help you see your internal state. And, it's fun!! Spring births life anew, and we follow her heARTful, blooming example.
It is a wonderful time to begin taking care of your physical self through motion if you do not. Pain gets stuck in our body. We have these little emotional crevices which get filled with pain. You gotta get moving to spill those pockets of stored up stuff. I set my intention to release, relax, and revitalize. It works. I run, lift weights, practice yoga, and do copious amounts of stretching. Walk your dog to start. Put on Fergie and dance. Chase your kids. Play hide and seek with your partner. Make love. make some more love! Jump rope. Skip to your local cafe. Walk to the grocery. Pick up litter. Go on a hike. Do something, and do it often. I feel triumphant after a good long workout. Most importantly, PRAISE YOURSELF when you do something heal-thy. If you are doing inner child work, buy stickers and give yourself one as a reward to chart your progress. Make a list of rewards you wish your mom and dad had given you for your accomplishments, and give them to yourself as you do even the smallest things well. Write yourself a letter that you wish your mother had written you. Mine have said things like, "You are beautiful. You can do anything. Let's go shopping for that prom dress. It is safe to be a girl. I will protect you. I love you so much. You inspire me. You were the most gorgeous baby I ever saw. When you were little, you were so magical. You are so smart. You are funny. Being a mother to you, staying home with you, was never a sacrifice, because I got so much out of it too, who wouldn't want to watch you, Sarah, blossom? I would never leave you. " Give this to yourself.
Music, choose some new music, listen deep. Find a new rhythm in life. This is part of rebirthing the self, our own personal renaissance. So, take pictures to externalize your personal experience, for me this is particularly of beauty and gratitude.
Above are a few pictures that exteriorize my interior state as of today.
Listening to:
Dave Matthews Live, When the World Ends
("When the world ends, you and me will just be beginning..."),
Warpaint, by The Black Crowes(check out the rockin Evergreen), Jack Johnson Sleep Through the Static, Thievery Corporation mixes.
Scent therapy: ylang ylang, for sensuality(goes very well with my music du jour) and revitalization
Namaste and Love to all!